Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Million Miles better...

Catalyst Campaigns has been delighted to help promote the ground-breaking new Million Miles project launched by Transition Black Isle - including designing their logo in collaboration with their team. Locals say they have set up the project to "help Black Isle residents discover the joys of safer, greener, more sociable ways of travelling."

In the Highlands of Scotland, transport accounts for more than 20% of per capita greenhouse gas emissions, so the project hopes to help people reduce their carbon footprint  dramatically - while also saving money and getting to know others in the area. The Million Miles project has appointed two enthusiastic Project Officers who will co-ordinate and develop the project during the next three years.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Music as positive action - Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands' new album

While much of Catalyst Campaigns work tends to be supporting environmental and social justice groups, the arts have so much to offer the wider field of creating positive change and we relish the new approaches that emerge from working from the artist's perspective. Recently we've designed artwork and video-based promotional material for `Light in the Darkest Corners’ - the soaring debut album of Lorraine McCauley and The Borderlands.

Lorraine has been a long-standing climate campaigner and community activist and her music is very much part of that. Karine Polwart recently tipped the band to be the breakthrough act of 2012, and sure enough, the album has been receiving fantastic reviews across the board, including a 4-star review in The Scotsman.

The songs range from tender love stories to feisty battle cries - all rooted in the folk tradition but with an experimental twist placing them firmly at the cutting edge of the contemporary scene.

Already familiar faces on the contemporary Scottish music scene, the talented musicians in Lorraine’s band, The Borderlands, include Jonee Duggan the accordionist and producer of the album, Nick Jenkins on viola, mandolin and fiddle and Billy Hamilton on cello. Together they create a magical and uplifting experience both in the recorded album and in live performances. They raised money to produce their album through Pledge Music - where fans pre-order the album, thereby funding it. 

You can hear their music here and order the album here.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Order your copy of Reforesting Scotland magazine now

This year marks a decade since I started designing the Reforesting Scotland magazine, and the organisation continues to be one dear to my heart. The latest issue focuses on sustainable living in a well-forested land, in terms of a healthy ecosystem, fuel harvesting, land use, recreation and food - in other words, a sustainable forest culture.

The magazine was timed to coincide with this year's Reforesting Scotland Annual Gathering at Badaguish near Aviemore.

You can order your issue at